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Tree Care services


Pruning a tree is a true art form. When done correctly, the tree is healthy, safe and beautiful. When done incorrectly, a tree can be damaged, dangerous, and may lead to its untimely demise. All of our arborists are extremely proficient at all aspects of proper tree pruning. Cleaning, thinning, raising, separation, reduction, and fruit tree pruning are all aspects of tree pruning that Arborworks excel at. All tree pruning follows ANSI Z133 and A300 safety standards.


While our focus is on preserving trees, many factors may arise for a trees' removal. Factors such as diseases, fungus, poor growth, storm damage, and more can be potential reasons. Here at Arborworks, we can help explain what happened to your tree, and what the best way forward will be. If the tree needs to be removed we complete the removal by climbing, rigging, using a bucket truck, or crane that follows all ANSI z133 and a300 safety standards.


At Arborworks we specialize in cabling of trees. Brian Watkins has invented a cabling termination device called ENDZ that is revolutionizing the tree care industry. To learn more, go to www.ENDZ.biz! All tree cabling follows ANSI z133 and A300 safety standards.

Storm Damage

Inclement weather can wreaks havoc on your trees. This may causes the need for emergency removal of broken branches or entire trees. Here at Arborworks we work quickly to get to your property to make the tree and your property safe. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for storm damage situations. Don't hesitate to call!

Plant Health Care Services

Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing trees can ensure their health for decades to come. We curtail fertilizer needs for individual trees based on what each tree needs. This is the only way to promote each trees health, and full potential.

Insect and Fungus Control

Insects and fungal diseases can wreak havoc on your trees and landscape. Our arborists can stop them in their tracks though! We work with homeowners to get all your trees and plants back to full health.


A tree planted in the wrong place can lead to a lot problems such as insects, diseases, property damage, and poor growth. We will work with homeowners to plant the right tree in the right place to ensure the trees health and longevity.